Student Stories

The Orcino Legacy

Meet Hope Orcino. Hope is the fourth Orcino to be in the Marching Band and Music Program at FHS. If you notice, Hope's horn, a contra tuba, is about as big as she is. It takes lots of strength and lots of air to handle one of these big boys. How does she do it? I do not know. But she does, and it is a sight to see. Hope is also the Contra section leader and also plays baritone.

This Fallbrook family has contributed four amazing students over many years to the program. Once the Orcino's graduate they keep on giving, volunteering at competitions, and football games. Helping the current students with uniforms and equipment. Even coaching... all for the love of the program. 

Thank you Hope… 

and John class of 2012, percussion, front ensemble/pit captain 2011 marching season, currently pit assistant… 

and Paul class of 2010, clarinet and bass clarinet, podium crew… 

and Faith class of 2009 clarinet, euphonium, violin, clarinet co-section leader 2009 marching season, currently band booster/alumni volunteer!


Ginger Power

Meet Sam Marton and Kristy Ashby — Drum Majors for the 2011 Marching Season. These two share not only defining red hair and academic prowess, but an unwavering commitment to the FHS Music Program. Both were in the program all four years at FHS. Both graduated with honors and went on to college at UCLA where they are currently enrolled. Yes they are members of the UCLA Bruin Marching Band too! Sam plays several instruments but is primarily a slide man (trombone). Kristy plays flute, piccolo, and alto sax.

Sam helped organize students to go to a school board meeting at that critical point where the program was on the chopping block. This may well have been the critical act that saved the program from oblivion. Sam was so dedicated to the program that he blew his chance to be valedictorian by staying in non-weighted music electives. He settled for salutatorian and leading the music program out of the cellar — a selfless choice. In the future, hopefully, the program will grow to the point of offering weighted courses for advanced students.

Kristy always took students under her wing, exposing them to music beyond FHS by organizing group trips to the San Diego Symphony.

Thank you Sam and Kristy!