Marching Season Stats
Show Title: Night Watch 2012

Tournament of Gold Marching Band Field Show

October 6 • 1st place band 1A

Rancho Buena Vista Premier Field Tournament

October 13 • 1st place band 1A

Poway Invitational Field Tournament

October 20 • 1st place band 1A

Tournament in the Hills

November 3 • 1st place band 1A

Big Orange Classic

November 10 • 2nd place band 1A

Lester Oaks Field Show Tournament

November 10 • 1st place band 1A

Savanna Field Tournament

November 17 • 1st place band 1A

SCSBOA Championships

December 1 • 5th place band 1A

Winter Guard Season Stats: Footprints In The Sand

Mesa Murrieta HS • February 16 • 3rd place score 64.51 Division A

Riverside Invitational Riverside King HS • March 02 • 1st place score 74.38 Division A

Fallbrook HS • March 17 • 3rd place score 81.65 Division AA

San Diego Invitational Del Norte HS • March 23 • 3rd place score 83.08 Division AA3

Huntington Beach HS (Championships) • April 20 • 5th place score 85.31 

Congratulations on your winning season! 

From rear left: Monique Boards, Sarah Reynoso, Caitlyn Moore and Bonnie Stewart, Cylynthia Dargan, Christian Philippi, Luisa Ramirez, Nikki Fogleman and Stephanie Sanchez