Program Description

Important: The Warrior Music Program is parent/booster funded. The program is a mix of curricular classes and extra-curricular activities. Students earn VAPA and PE credit; four years of Marching Band fulfills graduation PE requirements. One year fulfills VAPA requirement. Participation for two years earns a varsity letter in band.  Being in Band and Guard is a life changing experience. It is hard work yet extremely rewarding. Incoming Freshmen have an instant group of friends and mentors of all ages.


Marching Band                            Fall Semester  Wind, Percussion &Color-guard
The Wind Section is divided into two families, brass and woodwinds.  These two families provide the voicing for most of the music that is heard on the field.  The instruments that comprise the wind section are: flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, mellophones, trombones, baritones and tubas.
The Percussion Section is divided into two parts, battery and front ensemble.  These two families provide the rhythmic voicing that support the wind section.  The instruments that comprise the percussion section are: snares, tenors, basses, keyboard, auxiliary percussion and percussive toys.
The Color-guard is divided into three parts: rifles, sabers and flags.  They provide the artistic and visual support for the music being provided by the wind and percussion sections.

Benefits of participating in Marching Band:

    • Participating in the Band Program looks GREAT on College applications.
    • Students receive 1 Semester of PE Credit for Marching Band.  Participate in Marching Band for 4 years; all PE Credit is earned for graduation requirements.
    • Students form life-long friendships.
    • Students work as a part of a team.
    • Students travel and perform all over California.
    • Students learn excellent time management skills.
    • Students learn RESPECT and WORK ETHIC.
    • Students learn SELF-DISICPLINE.
    • Students gain CONFIDENCE.
    • College-bound seniors with school music experience scored on average 57 points higher on the verbal portion of their SAT’s and 41 points higher in math (98 points combines) than students that did not participate.  (Profiles of SAT and Achievement Test Takers, The College Board, 2001)

Expectations at-a-glance:

    • Attend mandatory band camp during summer
    • Play at 5 home football games
    • Pay at 3-5 school pep rallies
    • Perform at 5-7 field marching competitions
    • March in parades and other unscheduled community events
    • Keep up with rigorous rehearsal schedule

What you can expect as a Marching Band member:

    1. Expect to be challenged.
    2. Expect to develop skills needed beyond high school.
    3. Expect to travel and compete all over the State of California.
    4. Expect to work hard and create a great show.
    5. Expect to develop time management skills.
    6. Expect to perform music at a higher level.
    7. Expect to have the type of fun that no other organization on campus is able to provide.
What is Marching Band all about?
This art and sport epitomizes synergy, commitment and teamwork. There are no starters and no bench warmers in marching band. Everyone in the band has a role in the competitive show they perform. Student’s that participate are from every grade level working together, rehearsing, sweating, marching, dancing, memorizing — all for the rush they get performing as a whole. 
Incoming Freshmen, instead of being tolerated underlings, are welcomed, infusing the program with new members. The veteran students are the leaders, teaching the incoming freshman how to march, play, and dance with flags.
No other sport is as inclusive and accessible to all students, plus offers academic credit as well. All that’s required is a dedicated commitment to work very hard, rehearse long hours, and learn the art of this physically demanding, visual and musical art. 
What is field marching competition?
Picture a half-time show during a big football game, where a band takes the field and performs an amazing marching drill while playing rousing music — now eliminate the football game and add 35 more bands. This is a Field Marching Competition. 

Bands are grouped into size divisions and compete against their entire group — not just one other team. They are critiqued by a panel of specialized judges and awarded a score. 

Semester two: Ensembles…

For the second semester, Marching Band is divided into several smaller ensembles that perform and compete until the end of the school year.

  • Wind Ensemble: audition only ensemble comprised of upper classmen musicians that have an advanced knowledge of music and above average proficiency skill on their instrument.  Auditions will be held every May for the following school year.  Audition material will be provided with adequate time for practice and preparation.
  • Symphonic Band: a general performance ensemble that will be comprised of all grade level students at all skill levels.  Like the Wind Ensemble, the Symphonic Band will perform at music festivals and play repertoire that is consistent with the standard concert band list by the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA).
  • Jazz Ensemble: for proficient musicians, this ensemble performs music in all jazz idioms such as classical jazz, big band, blues, contemporary and swing.  This ensemble is comprised of students invited by the director and performs at various venues and festivals.
  • FHS String Orchestra: currently an afterschool intervention class designed to introduce the beginning music student to learn how to play the four orchestral string instruments, violin, viola, cello and bass.  This ensemble will perform concerts at our performing arts center.
  • FHS Winter Color-guard: a competitive Color-guard that competes in the Winter Guard Association of Southern California.  This is an audition only group that is comprised of tall flags, rifles and sabers.  This is a highly physical activity which involves body movement and dance techniques.  This activity requires great time commitment and dedication from each member.  This commitment should be considered before auditioning.
  • FHS Winter Percussion Ensemble: a competitive drum line that competes in two circuits, the American Drum Line Association and the Southern California Percussion Alliance.  This is an audition only group which students are selected by the director and percussion instructors.  They perform a show similar to that of the marching band without the wind and colorguard sections.  This is a highly physical activity which involves body movement and marching technique.  This activity requires great time commitment and dedication from each member.  This commitment should be considered before auditioning. 

The Warrior Music Program is funded 95% by parent, sponsors and contributions. 

The annual budget runs nearly $75,000. The school budget covers only the director's salary plus $5,000. 

Parents and the boosters are responsible for raising the money to keep the program. Instruments are in need of repair and replacement.  Uniforms need replacement. Funding is needed to attend competitions, and to pay coaches. The program is now growing, but so are the costs.

Please consider making a donation to this worthy program.